The City


Bellinzona has historically been influenced by the transit and transalpine commerce. A place of strategic military importance, essential corridor fot the transportation of goods and refreshment point for individual transit. Recalling the history and the development of this city, we have decided to ke advantage of the unique scenery of the castles and the city, wich is the protagonist of the first rally for vintage vehicles "Vintage Motors".

The geographical location of Bellinzona on the main axis of north and south of Europe influenced significantly the city's history. Its strategic location between the Padana plain and the Novena, San Gotthard, Lucomagno and San Bernardino alpine passes has been recognized over 2,000 years ago by the Roman empire and has led to the construction of the first fortification. Over the centuries, Bellinzona has often been subjected of strategic battles and deals between Longobards, Franks, Milan, French and Swiss accounts. In 1503 the territories of Bellinzona were officially passed to the Swiss confederation and from 1878 the city is the seat of the cantonal government and parliament. Even in the recent history, Bellinzona identifies itself as an important point in the national road system. Located on the main highways (A2 and A13) of north / south road traffic and being an important point on the Gotthard railway line with SBB Station and Offices, mobility is present in the daily life of the region.

August 5th, 2017

TI, Switzerland

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